Vista Sand Owner

The primary goals of  Vista Sand’s ownership are safety and quality. Vista Sand is well known for its Texas Premium White frac sand, which currently possesses the highest crush strength of any frac sand produced in Texas.

Vista Sand’s 100 Mesh possesses 9,000 psi crush strength, and its 40/70 Mesh possesses 7,000 psi crush strength, comparing favorably to the high-quality sands produced by the northern mines. However, Vista Sand’s Texas Premium White™ frac sand is a more cost-effective option for oil and gas companies operating in the southern U.S. basins.

In 2012,  Vista Sand extended its market reach by adding rail infrastructure that allowed access to any UP, BNSF, TXPF, KCS, and FWWR railroad destinations. Through its sister companies, Maalt, LP and Malt Specialized Bulk, which provide transloading and trucking services, Vista Sand offers superior turn-key logistical solutions to the oil and gas market. Collectively, the companies own and operate 108 semi-trucks and trailers, 13 transload terminals,  and a fleet of 2,100 railcars. In 2016, Vista Sand held 10% percent of the U.S. frac sand market and 25% of the U.S. 100 Mesh market. Vista Sand currently has an annual production capacity of 3.6M tons of Texas Premium White™ frac sand.

In addition, Vista Sand is known for its dedication to its employees and community. It received the Sentinels for Safety from the National Mining Association (NMA), and it maintains an HR recruiting website,, which focuses on matching veterans with jobs at Vista Sand and its sister companies.